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THE ART OF LISTENING- Yin Yoga and Sound Ceremony mit Ewa & Nelli

Every year, the Autumnal Equinox holds the balance between hours of light & hours of darkness before our days slowly get shorter and our nights grow to be longer, marking the beginning of a new season. With the fleeting heat of summer, theres a different clarity in the air, and we get a chance to slow down and prepare ourselves to go inward. While the trees shake off their leaves, we too are reminded on how we have the chance to let go and not take with us what is no longer serving our highest good. In order to find clarity on what to let go of, we neednt look to the outside world for answers, as most of what we see & dont like finds its root in our own patterns that need to go. All we have to do is get still, listen, and allow the space for clarity to arrive.

If this resonates with you, we whole-heartedly invite you to join us on a journey of Yin Yoga, Breathwork & Crystaline Soundhealing.

What the workshop will contain:

~ Breathwork exercises you can also practice at home

~ Yin Yoga sequence (related to the quality of autumn and the connected meridians and organs) that will support you on your journey to more clarity and to find ease in letting go

~ Ancient ritual to let go of what isn't serving anymore and manifesting what we truly seek

~ Guided meditation that will connect you with your heartspace accompanied by soundhealing with Alchemy Crystal Bowls

~ Essential Oil for you to take home

Bring your yogamat, a soft towle to use as a pillow and a blindfold/something to cover your eyes with.

The workshop will be held in English.

For German request please send an email to!

Date? 22. September Time? 2 - 4 pm Costs? 40 Euros

Registration? Please sign up here!

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