mit Dvora Gala Blu 15.05.2022, 18-20.30 hrs

Dvora Gala Blu will guide us through a night of blissful chanting, and soulful songs to resonate together and raise our vibration as one.

On the night before the peak of the full moon, we will meet to create a powerful space together:

Starting with an Opening Circle and building an altar (bring a small item like a stone/flower/candle etc., which will represent your intention), Dvora will guide us through a powerful Heart Meditation to drop into our bodies and align our frequencies.

We then dive deep into communal chanting. No need to fear: we all can sing, and no skills or knowledge of mantras or songs is required.

Experience how Dvora makes a room resonate with love and acceptance and enjoy tuning into that! The musical space will be enriched by several instruments like guitar and harmonium and possibly more. After the singing, we close with a short meditation and enjoy the shared reverberation in silence.

Book your spot to experience a special kirtan as a blissful and possibly ecstatic experience. Come together, let's meet with an open heart and raise our vibration. We experience a state outside our thinking minds and transcend its limitations through the wonder of mantra, song and sound!

Bring your full moon's intentions and join the community of Mahalaya!


Dvora is one of Berlin's true gems in the art and consciousness scene of the city. Apart from being a yogi and yoga teacher for more than 21 years, Dvora is an active singer, producer and performer in the worlds of Jazz, Soul, Funk and across and beyond musical genres. She is a Mystic Visionary, a Reiki Master and Energy worker and currently entering the realms of Qi Gong.

In her words: "I am an alchemist of the heart and of love."

This event will be conducted in english, but it doesn't require much language for communication.;-)


Donation-based, recommended €20-€30. Money shall never be an obstacle for anyone to join. In case, please reach out to us.

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