Questions about online yoga


Thats how it works!


Step 1: Find the class you want to take on the timetable. By clicking on the class you will find the class description and the button "Participate now".


Step 2: If you have not yet created a profile with us, the next step is to register on Eversports. If you already have a profile, just sign up.


If you don't know whether you have already registered, try the "Forgot your password" button.


Make sure you use the email address you have used with us before so that you can access the tickets you have already purchased.


Step 3: The link for the online class will be activated 15 minutes before the start of the course in your customer profile under ACTIVITIES / BOOKINGS. By clicking on the button you will be forwarded directly to the class.


Step 4: 15 minutes before the course, the link for your class will be activated in your profile at Eversports under Bookings / Activities.


By clicking on the green button you will be forwarded directly to the live stream.


Can you see me at Zoom?

Only if you want to and activate your video. But it is a great feeling to see each other and to practice together. Almost like in a 'normal' class.


My sound doesn’t work?

It helps to leave the meeting again and start again. You can choose to share the sound at the beginning.


Are you not coping at all?

Write us an email at



Questions about courses in the studio


My yoga card has expired. Do the remaining courses expire now?

If your card has expired, you can extend your card for a month for 20 euros.


I forgot a towel, yoga mat, water, yoga clothing. What now?

You can borrow towels and mats from us in the studio for a fee of 2 euros. However, due to the pandemic, we would kindly ask you to bring your own mat and towels. You can buy water and yoga clothes.


I am going to yoga for the first time. Do I have to register in advance?

Yes. Registration has been required since the beginning of the pandemic. Go to the student plan, select your desired course and click on "Participate now".


Do you have showers and changing rooms?

We have separate changing rooms and showers. The changing rooms are equipped with a hairdryer. The showers with showers and soap.


I do not speak English. Can I still attend the English-language courses?

You can attend all courses. If you don't understand English, you can just look at the other students. Most of our English-speaking teachers can at least give you corrections in German.


I was sick and couldn't get into yoga. Now my card has expired. What can I do?

We are happy that you are healthy again. If you can show a certificate, we can easily extend the term of your card.


I'm moving away from Berlin / have moved away. Can I return my card?

This is a pity. When moving, you only get out of the half-year and annual contracts. We cannot reimburse you for all other cards.


I would like to bring my friends. Can I clip this off my 10-class card?

That sounds tempting: But no. The cards are not transferable. Your friends need to buy their own card.