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Are you new to us and / or have you never practiced hot yoga? Then please take a moment and read through this information.


First things first:  

As long as the restrictions on the number of participants apply, we have put together a new starter offer for you.


Get to know yoga 3 times for 25 euros . The card is valid for one month.



And now what is almost more important: For your first time, please come to our studio 20 to 30 minutes before the start of the course. Then we have some time together to clarify all important and open questions. You can find our timetable with the course times here.


Registration: Since the beginning of the pandemic, registration has been mandatory. You can easily register for the courses using our timetable. To the timetable!


Check-In: Check-in for our courses only begins 30 minutes before the course begins. When the course has started, the studio is closed and no more intake possible.


Level: Most of our courses are not divided into beginners or advanced: everyone starts at their own level. But there are also some courses that are not directly suitable for beginners. You can see the level of a course in the course descriptions in our timetable.


Eating: Try not to eat anything substantial 2 to 3 hours before the start of the course. Honest. That can make your yoga class super exhausting.


Drinking: Basically, you should drink a lot, regardless of whether you practice yoga or not.

During the practice, the water only disturbs your stomach and therefore you should rather drink a lot before and after yoga. It gets very warm in our hot room! If you sweat a lot, pay special attention to good hydration.


Cycle in a warm room: If you are not used to the warmth, the heat can go to your head. Whenever you feel like it, you can and should take a break from class. This does not only apply to beginners!


Equipment for our warm yoga room: Bring light sportswear, two towels (for showering and as a pad for the mat) and still water. Glass bottles are not allowed in the yoga room. Shards bring luck, but not when everyone is walking barefoot.


Mat: If you do not have a yoga mat yet, you will receive one from us on loan with the starter package.


Health: Please always inform the teacher of any health problems before the start of the course, even if you have been coming to us for a long time. A quick check-in with the teacher helps you both enormously.


Age: Participants under 18 years of age please bring written permission from their legal guardian.


For further questions visit our FAQ page !